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ThoughtData introduces NetMirror + vNetSense – Full scale passive observability is now possible in any public cloud


ThoughtData introduces NetMirror + vNetSense – Full scale passive observability is now possible in any public cloud

Agent based monitoring of application services running in public cloud environments adds tremendous overhead to performance of computing nodes and also creates cybersecurity challenges. Also monitoring application services running over docker and microservices architecture using agents is extremely difficult to maintain, configure, operate and orchestrate on cloud resources. Getting passive and agentless observability in public cloud environments is very challenging since customers do not have control over the cloud networking infrastructure. ThoughtData’s NetMirror solution along with virtual NetSense(vNetSense) offers full scale and passive observability in any public cloud environment.

How it works (refer to example deployment diagram above)

Install NetMirror on all computing nodes running your application services. NetMirror is not a agent software. NetMirror process just captures all network traffic inbound/outbound from the cloud compute instances and sends it to virtual NetSense Packet Sensor(vNetSense) running as a dedicated computing node outside. All network traffic on the computing node is encapsulated into a highly compressed and secured tunnel and sent in real time to virtual NetSense(vNetSense). A single instance of vNetSense can receive compressed & encapsulated network traffic from many computing nodes. To avoid any overhead of tunneled monitoring traffic on primary virtual interfaces, customers can create private monitoring VPC network to completely remove all traffic overhead on primary virtual interfaces on which application services are running. Scale your passive monitoring in your cloud network with as many NetMirror’s as needed on critical application services to gain full scale observability. Customers can also orchestrate NetMirror by embedding NetMirror in all their virtual OS images for ease of deployment. vNetSense will send all observability data extracted in real time from all computing nodes to virtual Enterprise360 running in your own public cloud providing a very highly scalable and distributed deployment.  

Key Advantages

  1. Full scale unified and passive observability for application services running across multiple public cloud environments
  2. Solve use cases across application services performance, cloud infrastructure & network performance using correlated analytics
  3. Proactively detect, investigate and resolve cyber threats & attacks on your application services running in cloud infrastructure
  4. No overhead on application services
    • Little to zero overhead on your application services running on cloud computing nodes. NetMirror operates with very minimal and fixed resources(< 25MB memory and < 1% CPU utilization) with near zero overhead on to your application services 
  5. No compromise to cyber security
    • NetMirror functions does not come in any way or interfere with your application services transactions, providing no room for cyber security compromise or concern. 
  6. Zero additional cost for traffic mirroring
    • Some of the cloud service providers charge additionally for traffic mirroring. NetMirror provides same level of functionality with better performance, scalability and least overhead 

Achieve full scale passive observability in any public cloud, with no overhead on to your application services, zero compromise to security and cost.

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