Slide 4x reduction in MTTR
4x better and correlated observability
4x cost effective IT Monitoring
High performing IT app and services
Unified AIOPS Observability !! Schedule Demo
Slide Solve application performance issues 4x faster Stop wasting time troubleshooting application performance issues using multiple tools. Get unified and correlated visibility across network, application, infrastructure performance and cyber threats all in one solution. Application Performance Monitoring Learn more Slide AIOPS Observability Introducing AIOPS Observability Predictive Analytics
Auto Investigation
Event Correlation
Auto Remediation
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Slide SDWAN Monitoring Get unified visibility into health and performance of your entire branch IT network spread across multiple SDWAN vendors Learn More Introducing Unified SDWAN Monitoring Slide Passive IT Monitoring Zero overhead on your IT infrastructure Monitor everything from full-stack applications to network to infrastructure & cyber threats with zero overhead to your infrastructure and compromise to cyber security.
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Slide Detect Threats Early
Proactively stop data breach
Detect threats and anomalies early in their lifecycle. Investigate threats across the entire cyber threat kill chain and confidently respond to threats with evidence. Learn more

One Solution Multiple Benefits


4x Reduced MTTR


4x Reduced Cost

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4x Team Collaboration

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Correlated Analytics


Actionable Insights

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Automated Remediation

Simplified Pricing

Choose between network/infrastructure, application, aiops, threat or unified monitoring options with simplified pricing

Solution Implementation

Optional one-time solution implementation professional services to get you started with the solution in your production IT

Managed Services

Options IT monitoring managed services in collaboration with our MSP partners

One Solution Extensive Monitoring Coverage

Network Monitoring
Application Monitoring
Infrastructure Monitoring
Threat Monitoring
Cloud Monitoring
Layer 7 DPI or Packet Based Application Monitoring
APM Agent Based Monitoring
Eg: Java, NodeJS, PHP, .Net, golang etc
Server Health Monitoring
SSH, SNMP, WMI, Agent Options
Windows,Linux, Unix, Solaris, AIX, HPUX etc
MITRE ATT&CK Framework Based Threat Detection & Investigation
From Inital Access to Exfiltration
Public Cloud Infra Monitoring
Any public cloud AWS, GCP, Azure etc
ITSM Intgerations
SummitAI Etc
Layer 3 Netflow Based Monitoring
Database Monitoring.
Eg: MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, MariaDB, ElasticSearch, HANA etc
Disk or Storage Monitoring,
Storage Servers Monitoring
NetApp,EMC etc
DDOS Threat Detection & Investigation
State Exhaustion
App Layer Attacks
Cloud DB Services Monitoring
Eg: MongoCloud, ElasticCloud, MariaCloud etc
SIEM Integrations
Layer 2 SNMP Based Monitoring
Digital Experience Monitoring/Real User Monitoring
Virtual Infra Monitoring
Vmware ESXI, HyperV Host and all VMs Monitoring
Reputation Threats Using Threat Intelligence
AlienVault and Abuse.Ch Integrations
Cloud Metrics Integration
Eg: AWS Cloud Watch, Azure Monitor etc
BI Tools Integrations
Eg: PowerBI, Grafana etc
Application Specific Monitoring
Eg: Web, EMAIL,
SAP Monitoring
Synthetic Test Monitoring
Any Http/s URL Monitoring
Ping Test
Network Anomalies
Cloud API Monitoring
Automation Intgerations
Open Scripting
Device Specialized Monitoring
Eg: Cisco, Vmware etc
Thread Dump Analytics
Network Devices Monitoring
Routers/Switches/Firewalls etc
User Behavior Anomalies
!! Coming Soon !!
Serverless Monitoring
!!Coming Soon!!
Alert & Report Communication Integrations
Eg: Email, Slack, Teams,Whatsapp etc
Multi OEM SDWAN Monitoring,IPSLA,MPLS,
VPN Montioring
JVM Performance Monitoring
AI Based Unknown Threat Detection & Investigation
!! Coming Soon !!
100+ Monitoring Integrations
SaaS Apps Performance Monitoring
Custom App Log Monitoring
AI Based Malware Threat Detection & Investigation
!! Coming Soon !!
Network Maps
Rest API Monitoring
Custom MIB Monitoring
Any MIB/Any Device/Any Vendor
Open Telemetry Tracing
!! Coming Soon !!

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