Slide ThoughtData recognized in Forrester Now Tech: Artificial Intelligence For IT Operations, Q2 2022 News Flash !! Link to Report Report available to Forrester subscribers and for purchase Slide Solve application performance issues 4x faster, better, cheaper Stop wasting time troubleshooting application performance issues using multiple tools. Get unified and correlated visibility across network, application, infrastructure performance and cyber threats all in one solution. Unified IT Monitoring Schedule Demo Slide SAP Application Montioring Get seamless and end to end visibility into health and performance of your business critical SAP applications with Enterprise360 Learn More Introducing full scale SAP Monitoring Slide Actionable Analytics Investigate where & why your application performance issues are suffering to take actions rather than just looking into key performance indicators(KPIs) and alerts Nail down root cause in few steps Schedule Demo Slide Passive IT Monitoring Zero overhead on your IT infrastructure Monitor everything from full-stack applications to network to infrastructure & cyber threats with zero overhead to your infrastructure and compromise to cyber security.
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Slide Detect Threats Early
Proactively stop data breach
Detect threats and anomalies early in their lifecycle. Investigate threats across the entire cyber threat kill chain and confidently respond to threats with evidence. Schedule Demo

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Process Crashes, Restarts, Error Conditions
Concept of cloud and on-premise application integration, connecting database, application and web server cluster