Slide Enterprise360 Digital Experience Monitoring Trace every user application transaction in real time. Detect and investigate user experience problems in correlation with network and infrastructure related issues to nail down root cause. Improve customer experience and stay competitive. Slide Enterprise360 Full Stack Unified IT Observability Get real time visibility into health and performance of your business critical applications across application, infrastructure and network layers. Proactively detect, investigate and resolve problems
Slide Enterprise360 Out of box and customizable monitoring workflows Ready to use workflows for most common use cases in application, network and infrastructure monitoring. Build and share custom monitoring dashboards to visualize the data as per your monitoring requirements Slide Enterprise360 Correlated Investigation Trace every application transaction in real time and determine the root cause of failures and performance using correlated analytics across application, infrastructure and network layers

Unified & actionable AIOPs observability now possible with Enterprise360

Single pane of glass unified AIOPs observability across network, application, infrastructure performance and cyber threat monitoring.

Key Highlights

Unified AIOPS Observability

Get unified observability into health, performance and availability of your business-critical IT services. Investigate and remediate problems faster with AIOPs aided data correlation and investigation across network/infrastructure/cyber threat layers

Correlated Analytics

Get out of box correlated analytics to understand performance issues in your business services and pin point them to network, application, infrastructure and cyber threat layers in one solution

Digital Experience Monitoring

Built in & guided troubleshooting workflows helps detect user experience problems in real time and navigate the dependencies end to end to find the underlying root cause across network, application and infrastructure layers

Automated Alerts

Get out of box real time alerts
for most critical issues on application/network/
infrastructure/cyber threats

Custom workflows

Build your own troubleshooting workflows and share across teams to solve various use cases in your Enterprise IT

Built in AIOPs

AIOPs driven data correlation analysis along with predictive analytics, event correlation and automated remediation capabilities

Automated Orchestration

Download once & push software updates to all your sensors at once from Enterprise360 after validation. No security loopholes to auto download or auto update.

High Availability & Scalability

Built in high availability along with horizontal scalability to scale your observability needs as your business grows

Deploy Anywhere

On-premises or Private cloud or Public Cloud. ThoughtData's Sensors and Enterprise360 can be deployed anywhere in your Enterprise IT

One solution multiple benefits

4x Reduced MTTR

Gain up to 4x savings in time for Mean Time To Repair(MTTR) during critical IT incident triages

4x Reduced Cost

Reduce your cost of Enterprise IT Monitoring up to 4x. Stop spending on separate tools for network, application, infrastructure and cyber threats.

No Manual Data Correlation

Enterprise360's patent pending analytics provides correlated insights into solving use cases across network, application, infrastructure and cyber threats

Reduced Alert Fatigue

No more conflicting alerts from multiple tools. Out of box analytics and flexibility to define your our custom alerts

Reduced Tool Clutter

Reduced tools, maintenance, rack space, training and data collection and storage in your Enterprise IT

Passive Monitoring

Gain real time visibility into your Enterprise IT network and business services with zero overhead on your network or application infrastructure

Licensing Models

Customer hosted SaaS

Deploy sensors and Enterprise360 on dedicated resources inside your network, Scale deployment as your network grows. Own, use and manage Enterprise360 in your network with SaaS license. SaaS subscription available at 1Yr, 2Yr and 3Yr increments.

ThoughtData hosted SaaS

Deploy only sensors in your Enterprise IT network. Sensors send data securely to Enterprise360 dedicated servers hosted in ThoughtData Cloud. Connect to your Enterprise360 in ThoughtData cloud to monitor your enterprise network. Leave the Enterprise360 deployment, management and scalability to ThoughtData as your network grows. SaaS subscription available at 1Yr, 2Yr and 3Yr increments.

Enterprise360 Managed SaaS

Same as ThoughtData cloud hosted SaaS, however leave your entire Enterprise IT monitoring to ThoughtData as a managed service. SaaS subscription available at 1Yr, 2Yr and 3Yr increments. Choose between dedicated or part time resources for managed service for your enterprise IT monitoring.

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