Slide Soho360 Internet Performance Monitoring for Home & Small Business Get visibility into what's causing slow performance in your internet link. Proactively detect, investigate and resolve problems
Slide Soho360 Out of box workflows for common internet link monitoring use cases Use case workflows across internet link & application performance monitoring + cyber threat intelligence Slide Soho360 Cyber Threat Monitoring on internet links Detect threats on your internet link early in their lifecycle. Investigate threats to find stage, impact and level of compromise to initiate appropriate actions Slide Soho360 Monitor Children Internet Activity Monitor your children internet activity, time spent on internet, websites visited. Investigate poor performance of EdTech and remote learning apps and services

Home & Small Business Internet Monitoring Solution

“Monitor your home or small business internet link in real time. Troubleshoot problems with your slow internet link and applications. Find out the root cause on your devices, internet link or application service to fix the problem”
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Internet Traffic Monitoring

  • Troubleshoot slow internet connection
  • Understand network latency, bandwidth usage
  • Discover unwanted devices consuming bandwidth
  • Make decisions to optimize your internet bandwidth and cost

Applications Performance Monitoring

  • Troubleshoot each application connection performance
  • Understand source of slowness – is it your device, service provider link or application service in internet ?
  • Discover unnecessary apps on phones and devices in your home hogging internet bandwidth
  • Troubleshoot general browsing, Web conferencing apps like zoom, microsoft teams, webex, Streaming media apps like netflix, amazon video, hulu etc, Online gaming, Sales force and many more

Monitor your children internet activity

  • Explore browsing history, time spent on internet, websites visited
  • Application services running on your children devices
  • Explore gaming and website URLs with traffic ports to block them effectively on your internet gateway

Detect & Investigate Cyber Threats

  • Ransomware, malware, phishing attacks
  • Network and application scans
  • Troubleshoot application vulnerabilities
  • External internet bad servers controlling your devices
  • Unusual data movement from internal of your network to internet