Network Performance

Slide Enterprise360 Network Performance Monitoring Troubleshoot link performance issues in real time. Perform throughput, bandwidth, capacity planning and forecasting analysis on links, sites, vlans. Troubleshoot network latency, link error conditions. Identify traffic KPIs per server, host and conversation. Slide Enterprise360 - Network Performance Monitoring Out of box workflows to resolve various network performance monitoring use cases Traffic Monitor, Application Monitor, Host Monitor, Network Map and many more


Network Performance Monitoring Use Cases Coverage


Link Analysis


Traffic Monitoring


Network Latency/Errors


Capacity planning and forecasting

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Network Map


Load Balancing Issues


App Specific Monitoring


Device Network Monitoring

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SaaS App Monitoring

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VPN Monitoring


VoIP Apps Monitoring

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Cloud Network Monitoring


Network Service Map

Discover how your entire enterprise network is interconnected. Identify problematic servers, explore traffic throughput, latency related issues and network link based errors. discover highest links and users consuming bandwidth. Explore further navigation to server and application based analysis

Traffic Monitoring

Real time link based traffic monitoring. Solve link outages, traffic throughput analysis, bandwidth usage, network latency, link errors, top applications, servers, clients, VLANs, sites consuming bandwidth. site to site traffic analysis, top conversations and many more use cases


Application Monitoring

Real time application based traffic monitoring. discover applications running in your network. Solve application traffic throughput analysis, bandwidth usage, top applications, servers, clients and conversations per application. Identify applications and further navigate to application specific analysis with problem context

Host Monitoring

Host specific monitoring allows to you filter a specific host using its IP address or host name and perform complete analysis of network and application performance on that host. Get KPIs for both client and server specific perspectives of the host. Understand overall problems related to application failures, latency and threats. Investigate failing apps and drilldown into application specific monitors for deep troubleshooting


SaaS App Monitoring

Get real time and end to end visibility into health and performance of all your subscribed SaaS applications. Identify performance issues with your SaaS applications on per transaction/URL basis. Investigate if the SaaS performance issues are arising because of user’s network latency, your IT network latency or due to SaaS vendor application latency.

SDWAN Monitoring

Monitor your entire SDWAN branch IT network across multiple OEM vendors. Get immediate alerts on link and site/branch down situations. Get real time visibility into health and performance of all your branch links. Get Service provider link performance and SLA statistics across all OEMs in one place. Supported SDWAN OEMs – Cisco Viptela, Versa, Fortinet. Coming soon – HPE/Aruba, Lavelle SDWAN