Retail & Manufacturing

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Retail & Manufacturing

A high-stakes global game of digital disruption

Consumer behavior changes very quickly in retail industry. Now with the growth of eCommerce, consumers have plenty of choices before making a purchase decision. eCommerce has a dramatic impact on consumer behavior as reports show that consumers usually go to the internet to search for product information and compare the price before making a purchase.
The phenomenon of eCommerce growth can’t be considered a threat, but an opportunity for retailers. As retailers merge online and offline businesses. a recent survey reported that 56% of in-store retailers involve a digital website and web-influenced physical store sales are about 5X online sales. An omnichannel marketing strategy can help retailers reach wider audience for their brands.

Finding the best technology solutions for the retail industry

IT technologies help retailers automate their end to end operations, from managing inventory and sales to managing prospects and customers. In addition IT processes help them integrate with other systems, such as barcode scanners and POS.

System Usability in Manufacturing

Employees in manufacturing units want updated systems that help them improve job performance. Updated systems typically provide greater insight, flexibility, and speed that allows them to utilize the applications to perform their job more effectively and efficiently. As manufacturing companies embrace new IT technologies to provide help for modern day workers, field service mobile solutions provide an updated user interface experience, greater flexibility based on business processes in various business units, and gives users the capability to remotely control the entire manufacturing process automation on laptops and smart devices.

ThoughtData’s solutions helps Retail and Manufacturing IT to embrace new technologies with confidence, which in turn helps them improve customer outreach and experience, improve productivity and predictability in manufacturing processes.