Cloud Performance

Slide Enterprise360 - Cloud Performance Monitoring Multi cloud passive observability Get passive observability in any public cloud with no overhead on to your application services running on computing nodes or microservices or distributed architectures and with zero compromise to cyber security Slide Enterprise360 - Cloud Performance Monitoring Gain digital transformation with zero loss of observability Get same level of observability when portions of application infrastructure migrate from on-premises to cloud. Migrate and validate your application services to cloud with confidence. Slide Enterprise360 - Cloud Performance Monitoring Microservices Performance Monitoring Get visibility into microservices performance running in containerized architectures in docker. Explore dependencies between microservices and point of failures and performance bottlenecks


Cloud Performance Monitoring – Key Benefits

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Gain digital transformation with confidence


Passive observability in any public cloud


Observability into microservices performance


Observability as a service in same public cloud


Observability for SaaS applications in multi cloud


Improved SaaS performance & efficiency


Cloud Performance Monitoring Highlights

End to End Observability

Extend your on premises observability to cloud. Get seamless observability during your digital transformation journey. Move your application services to cloud with confidence while keeping a check on your customer experience

Passive observability

Get passive observability in any public cloud with zero overhead on to your application infrastructure and zero compromise to cybersecurity

Microservices Performance

Track application failures end user experience issues on application services running in containerized architectures. Understand microservices dependencies.

Automated Orchestration

Automated orchestration eases your burden and auto instruments our sensors on virtual resources and microservice containers as soon as come alive on the network

Microservices Performance Monitoring

Detect various containers, nodes and managers and their inter relationships in the cluster. Monitor performance degradation, visualize dependencies and capacity bottleneck issues for each containerized service. Discover bottlenecks in your containerized architecture with our powerful Docker Monitor.

How it works – Seamless multi cloud passive observability


Step 1

Create a monitoring VPC network. Install NetMirror on all critical computing nodes and add them to monitoring VPC network. Alternatively include NetMirror in all your virtual images and orchestrate the deployment

Step 2

Spin off vNetSense dedicated VM. Add vNetSense into monitoring VPC network. Connect all your NetMirrors to vNetSense.An instance of vNetSense can receive tunneled traffic streams from multiple NetMirrors

Step 3

Connect your vNetSense to Enterprise360 for unified and actionable observability in your enterprise cloud