Enterprise360 SaaS

Slide Enterprise360 as a managed service End to end enterprise IT monitoring delivered as a managed service Understand your IT performance monitoring goals. Design, deploy, manage and monitor your application services for optimal performance an customer experience
Slide Enterprise360 as a managed service Focus on your IT strategic initiatives where it matters Leave your Enterprise IT monitoring to seasoned experts at ThoughtData.
Slide Enterprise360 as a managed service Real time business services performance monitoring Custom business services configuration. Real time alerts, periodic reports on application availability, health and performance.

Unified Observability Managed Service

Enterprise360 as a managed service


End to End IT Performance Monitoring Service


From Deployment to Day-Day Monitoring


Customized workflows/alerts


Dedicated or Part time Resources


Integration to your Ticketing System

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Collaboration with your IT/R&D Teams


Enterprise360 Managed SaaS

Enterprise360 as a managed SaaS hosted by ThoughtData relives you of performance monitoring headache of your enterprise IT. From deployment of Enterprise360 entire solution in your Enterprise IT to day to day monitoring ThoughtData will provide you the entire gamut of Enterprise IT monitoring service. Choose between dedicated or part time resources for your continuous monitoring, get your respective IT teams alerted about problems as they happen in their network. Focus on your IT digital transformation objectives as we help you in continuous IT monitoring to keep your customers happy. Explore how we can help accomplish your Enterprise IT monitoring goals with an end to end service offering.

Key highlights of Enterprise360 Managed Service

IT Monitoring Design

Before you start with our managed service we help you design a blueprint of your IT monitoring understanding your network, business services, critical infrastructure which needs to be included in monitoring, optimizing monitoring resources for maximum efficiency and observability


End to end deployment of ThoughtData's sensors and Enterprise360 in your network for optimal observability. Day to day management and upkeep of the deployment.

Custom Configuration

Custom configuration for optimal observability including sites, services, custom applications

Custom Alerting

Customer configuration of alerts on critical application, network, infrastructure services and cyber threats. Custom thresholds, whitelists and filters for matching your enterprise IT network

Custom Dashboards

Customizing out of box dashboards for optimal observability matching your Enterprise IT environment and preferences

Custom Reports

Custom scheduled reports for daily, weekly or monthly reporting on key performance parameters of your Enterprise IT network. Automated reports delivered via email to your respective IT teams

Dedicated/Part time resources

Choose between dedicated or part time resources for your enterprise IT monitoring service based on your needs

Ticketing System Integration

Reporting of IT monitoring issues in your existing ticketing system in your IT environment,

Dedicated Cloud Resources

Dedicated cloud resources hosting in the region nearest to your physical/virtual network provides you the best Enterprise IT monitoring experience in cloud. Single tenant service architecture offers secured enterprise IT monitoring service