SaaS Monitoring

Slide Enterprise360 Monitor SaaS App Performance Get real time visibility into what's causing slow performance in your SaaS Apps. Investigate to detect if performance issue is due to your network or SaaS app by the vendor
Slide Enterprise360 Get best ROI for your SaaS subscriptions Get historical SaaS performance data to share with your SaaS vendor the performance problems on their side Slide Enterprise360 Get data to make key decisions to switch SaaS vendors Stop wasting time and money with poor performing SaaS apps. Get historical performance data for all your SaaS users to make key decisions to switch SaaS vendors
Slide Enterprise360 SaaS performance alerts and reports Get proactively alerts on SaaS app outages, failures and poor performance which impacts your users productivity

SaaS apps performance monitoring now made easy with Enterprise360

Get real time and end to end visibility into health and performance of all your subscribed SaaS applications. Identify performance issues with your SaaS applications on per transaction/URL basis. Investigate if the SaaS performance issues are arising because of user’s network latency, your IT network latency or due to SaaS vendor application latency. Stop wasting money on poor performing SaaS apps causing productivity issues for your users and impacting your business. Get best ROI for your SaaS subscriptions with continuous monitoring of all your SaaS apps.

Key Highlights

Multiple Monitoring Options

Choose to monitor your SaaS application performance directly from user side or from your network side depending on how users use the SaaS app

Full Scale Visibility

Get deep visibility into transaction level performance of each URL in your SaaS apps

Isolate SaaS Issues in Simple Steps

Quick insights to determine if the poor SaaS app performance is due to your network or SaaS vendor

Historical SaaS App Performance

Get visibility into historical performance of the SaaS app to make key decisions to switch your SaaS vendors

No Agent/Integration for SaaS app

Our one of a kind SaaS app monitoring needs no agent or any integration on the SaaS app side.

Optional On Demand Troublehooting

Choose to monitor the SaaS app continuously or on demand, get real time tracing of performance of SaaS app as your end users use the application

Transaction Tracing

Trace each URL transaction on your SaaS app to investigate errors and end to end latency broken down into network, server and app latencies

Get best ROI for your SaaS subscription

Stop wasting money on poor performing SaaS apps causing productivity issues for your users and in turn impacting your business

Automated Alerting

Setup and get automated alerts on SaaS app outages and also poor performance conditions.


One solution multiple benefits

4x Reduced MTTR

Gain up to 4x savings in time for Mean Time To Repair(MTTR) during critical IT incident triages

4x Reduced Cost

Reduce your cost of Enterprise IT Monitoring up to 4x. Stop spending on separate tools for network, application, infrastructure and cyber threats.

No Manual Data Correlation

Enterprise360's patent pending analytics provides correlated insights into solving use cases across network, application, infrastructure and cyber threats

Reduced Alert Fatigue

No more conflicting alerts from multiple tools. Out of box analytics and flexibility to define your our custom alerts

Reduced Tool Clutter

Reduced tools, maintenance, rack space, training and data collection and storage in your Enterprise IT

Passive Monitoring

Gain real time visibility into your Enterprise IT network and business services with zero overhead on your network or application infrastructure

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