ThoughtData introduces RUM – Real User Monitoring as a part of unified IT monitoring solution


ThoughtData introduces RUM – Real User Monitoring as a part of unified IT monitoring solution

We are pleased to announce the availability of Real User Monitoring (RUM) functionality in our Enterprise360 unified IT monitoring solution. Monitoring user experience of web-based applications is complex when hosted on 3rd party infrastructure where you do not have control over your server.

Real user monitoring (RUM) provides you a passive approach to measure the end user experience of your website or web-based application by collecting and analyzing timing, errors and dimensional information on end users in real time. Real user monitoring helps website and application developers understand how their code and workflow design impacts page performance, user interaction and experience and other performance related issues.

Real user monitoring offers a comprehensive visibility into the performance of front end of your web application or website versus synthetic monitoring, which only measures availability, uptime and downtime of your website or web-based application. For example, an e-commerce website’s home page might be available, but the rest of the pages may deliver content or images slowly upon user interaction slowing down user experience. The web application may also be slow to process a user’s click or keystroke, which may result in abandonment of webpage by the frustrated user.

How it works

ThoughtData’s RUM agent can be uploaded into your web application root path like any other web page file and included in your web pages using a simple HTML java script. The RUM agent is invoked every time a user accesses the web page from their browser and starts monitoring the user transaction and interaction directly from user’s browser. RUM agent captures the user’s experience after the web server has sent the response to web page from the user’s browser. This information is very accurate as its measured from user end on the client-side, in the web browser.

How RUM is different in Enterprise360 when compared to other tools

Although RUM provides visibility into real user experience and point of front- end user workflow, where the failure or performance problem is occurring, from a problem troubleshooting standpoint RUM information is just not enough for your IT and application teams to understand if the problem is happening due to user side or network or front end or middleware or backend of your application. Traditional monitoring tools with standalone RUM workflows fails to provide the critical visibility needed to find the underlying root cause for user experience. ThoughtData’s Enterprise360 connects RUM information with NPM (Network Performance Monitoring), APM (Application Performance Monitoring) and IPM (Infrastructure Performance Monitoring) workflows providing comprehensive visibility into end-to-end performance of your application from user to network to front-end to middleware to back-end of your application providing full visibility into failures and performance of every step of your application delivery chain to your users. Detect user experience issues in RUM workflow and with contextual information troubleshoot network problem like latency and congestion in NPM workflows, problems with middleware and back-end transactions all the way up to the database in APM workflows and Infrastructure problems on your server like resource constraints in IPM workflows.

Traditional RUM based tools provides you with real user experience but leaves your IT and application teams with no information on the underlying root cause to fix the problem. ThoughtData’s Enterprise360 unified enterprise IT monitoring solves complex user experience issues end to end from problem detection to root cause identification helping your IT and application teams to save time, cost and also proactively detect and improve your user experience of your website or web-based applications. Sign up for a demo/Try it for free and see how Enterprise360 can add 4x more value than other monitoring tools in your IT.

Achieve end to end application performance visibility to detect  and nail down the root cause for end user experience issues with ThoughtData’s Enterprise360.

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