Monitoring performance of SaaS applications in enterprise


Monitoring performance of SaaS applications in enterprise

With more employees working from home, and cloud based digital services becoming an ever-bigger part of business operations, assuring an excellent user experience for your employees for these services has become a significant challenge. The distributed workplace has become the common norm and is here to stay. Employees of an enterprise today rely on SaaS based applications for their day to day productivity tasks. Poor performance of these subscribed SaaS applications can severely impact performance and productivity of your users and in turn your organization. A recent report found that over 42% of people using SaaS applications on a daily basis consistently suffered poor performance and more over these issues were happening outside of what your IT can see. In more than a third of cases, users experience a problem before their IT network operations are even aware of it.

Monitoring these SaaS applications is very challenging, since your IT teams have no control over the application hosted by 3rd party SaaS vendors in internet. While your organization continues to pay the subscription cost month on month, your IT teams are left with zero visibility into performance of these SaaS applications to take any action when users complain about them. Your users and business continues to suffer while you continue to spend on these SaaS applications. Moreover when your IT teams report tickets to the SaaS vendors they are in total blind spot to give any information about the whereabouts of the performance issue and in most cases the cases are resolved highlighting temporary network latency issues either on user side or on the internet side leaving your IT teams to believe in the final assessment provided by the SaaS vendor.

Following are the monitoring challenges for SaaS based applications in an enterprise

  1. No control over the application – since most of the SaaS apps are web based running in cloud over internet, your IT teams have no control over the application and can not deploy traditional application performance monitoring techniques to monitor the SaaS applications
  2. No control over the SaaS application traffic – If your users are using SaaS applications directly from their homes you have no control over the traffic either since the traffic breaks out directly to internet from users home internet connection. Also your IT teams can not monitor all of the personal internet traffic of your users working from home

Even if the SaaS application traffic were designed to breakout from your corporate IT, your IT teams has little to no visibility into the traffic as traffic is always encrypted.

ThoughtData’s offers a unique SaaS application performance monitoring solution which is the first of its kind in the industry providing real time visibility into transaction level performance of your SaaS applications. You can choose to deploy the solution directly at the end users side or at the corporate IT side depending on where the SaaS application traffic breaks out. The solution has no dependency on the SaaS application and works for any SaaS application you choose to monitor. You can also choose to do on demand monitoring or real time troubleshooting when users complain about a problem or always on monitoring depending on your needs.

The SaaS performance monitoring module in ThoughtData’s solution offers key insights into URL level transactions pin pointing to where the latency is suffering offering key insights into network latency on user side, server latency on SaaS vendor side as well as application latency on SaaS vendor. The latency metrics provides clear insights for your IT teams to identify the root cause and resolve the issue in right direction and take up the issue with the SaaS vendors with monitoring data, if the issue is identified to be on the SaaS app side.

Here are the benefits of SaaS applications performance monitoring in enterprise IT.

  1. End to end visibility into the performance of all your SaaS applications
  2. Root cause analysis with clear insight into areas of performance bottlenecks
  3. Improved user experience of the SaaS applications
  4. Better ROI for your SaaS subscriptions
  5. Historical SaaS application performance data sets to make key business decisions to switch SaaS vendors

SaaS based applications are here to stay and will continue to fully replace traditional on premises hosted applications in near future. Major part of application monitoring in a modern enterprise from your users standpoint will now be to monitor performance of SaaS applications

Achieve end to end visibility into performance of your SaaS applications to detect , troubleshoot and nail down the root cause in few steps with ThoughtData’s Enterprise360.

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